torsdag 7. august 2014

Christmas bells

This filet crochet edging was posted on Pinterest some months ago, and here I give you the pattern. This filet was made with double treble stiches to make the pattern seem more like a bell. The usual treble stich makes the bells look a bit skew.

Yarn: Gjestal Maxi, or other cotton crochet yarn, size 10
Hook: 1,50
Color: Gjesdal Maxi color 140.

Dancing fairies

I've decided to share the filet crochet pattern to my dancing christmas fairies. An image is published earlier on Pinterest. 

Yarn: DMC Babylo, 3 ply crochet  thread, size 30
Hook: 1,0
Color on image: 475, but in a new project I would use a slightly darker red color (col 3905).


filet crochet, dancing fairies, christmas curtains, filet crochet edging